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Disco Dance Lessons From VinylCheese

The Dirty Dog

If you've been questioning your sexuality, doing The Dirty Dog will not help. If you're comfortable with "being a little different," this step will add variety to your dancing and show everyone just how creative you are.

  1. Start.
  2. Knees flexed, arms straight with hands resting above knees.
  3. Remaining in the same position, straighten out knees. Hips will lift up slightly as you do this.
  4. Bend knees and drop hips back to starting position.
  5. Straighten knees again as hips lift slightly...
  6. Now take hands off knees, and part feet slightly. Bounce down into it...
  7. And back up again...
  8. Bounce down into it... Continue bouncing in counts of four - 1,2,3,4 - 1,2,3,4, and so on. Do one complete bounce to each beat of music...
  9. And back up again.
  10. Don't take any criticism, they're just jealous.



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