Match the product to the Engrish.

Portrait of Yourself with Stevie Nicks
This is so strange, I wish we had made it up.

Michael L Hooper - World's Shittiest Father
If you think we're bitter, check out this page...

Jesus of the Week
It's not often we get this inspired. Select a Jesii.

It Crawled from the Bins
We love this site, it reminds us of, well, us!

The Acme Miniature Circus
A real live flea circus starring Midge and Madge, nude performing fleas!

Heartless Bitches
Tell it like it is sister!

Phyllis Diller's Biography...
The Godmother of (un)funny comedy

The Definitive Guide to Linguistic Masturbation
No explanation needed. Fantabulous.

Jack Diamond's Rekkid Covers
Groovy album covers to look at and love.

Sure to put you in the holiay spirit, cheesy Christmas recordings.

The #1 KISS tribute band.

The Hit List
Offended by us? Check out this site.

Life Size Voodoo Dolls
Eat more meat. It's good for you.

Robot Rock
Music for, by and about Robots.


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