Phyllis Diller...or Witch?

The Cheese of Life Features

Haikus to Chipotle
We love the speedy, yummy flavor of Chipotle burritos. Here are some haikus of love we have written in their honor.

Dawn & Nana's Trip Around The World!
It was embarrassing and unholy. See the visual proof.

Halloween 2001
Some people will stop at nothing.

Behold! The Mighty Potato!

Search for me, oh baby.
Seek and you shall find.

Virtual Ventriloquism
If you like hanging around a bunch of dummies...

Biblical Baby Names
From Aarona to Zora, biblical names rule!

Cold Gin
A Tribute To KISS

Mmm...a taste sensation...

Phyllis Dillers' Plastic Parts!
She needs 'em...she's got 'em...

Puffy and Stinger
Decidely the worst duo ever.

Blow Up Bras!
Ladies, feeling inadequate?

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