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Disco Dance Lessons from VinylCheese

The Wave!!

Folks! Science has also proven again and again that doing the Wave can be a substitute for birth control.


  1. Start.
  2. Keep feet apart and back straight for entire pattern. Isolate movement to hips only.
  3. Left foot side, going down by bending knees a little.
  4. Right foot side, going down lower by bending knees more.
  5. Repeat Number 2, going lower by bending knees more.
  6. Repeat Number 3, going still lower by bending knees as much as possible.
  7. Left foot side, begin gradual rise by starting to straighten knees slightly.
  8. Right foot side, rise higher by straightening knees more.
  9. Left foot side, straighten knees more.
  10. Right foot side, knees now in original position or slightly bent.
  11. Repeat until ecstatic.
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