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Duke Stern - Abracadabra is My Game

The very first feature on VinylCheese goes to the illustrious magician, Duke Stern and his album, Abracadabra is My Game. Duke is generous enough to share with us some great "Magicians" secrets such as the famous "Card Clock," and the old "Cheap Sheep Thieves" trick, which we can use to amuse and thrill our friends and family! These tricks will really impress the ladies...if you catch my cruder meaning...

Science has proven again and again that 9 out of 10 chicks dig magic over any other form of psychic or paranormal experiences.


The liner notes of this album proclaim this album is, "A collection of E.S.P. and magical effects used by renowned professional magicians and mentalists that you can do, anytime, anyplace without special skill or equipment..."

This album claims that "it may change your life" and it could very well.
If you have ever had sleeping problems, listening to Duke's terrible magical monologues and sorry sense of humor may put you to sleep!
But why take our word for it?

Listen to a clip of Duke Stern's Magic tips and learn the age old trick "Magic Coins" and learn little grasshopper.

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