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John Schneider - Now or Never


Here's another in our long list of celebrity records than never should have been. This album was made in 1981 during his career as Beaureguard "Bo" Duke on The Duke Of Hazzard. We don't care how many records John Schneider has put out (11) they're all BAD! Will anyone ever really be able to take him seriously?

Lost Sheep to Shepard, you got yer ears on?

Did you know that he has a website and he's selling Dodge Chargers (almost as cool as the one above) for $30,000 each? Maybe, since the show raped the world of more than 300 Dodge Chargers, they're so rare that they're actually worth $30,000.

Question: With all the work that went into his make up and photo airburshing, couldn't he have tweezed his eyebrows just a little? Or maybe it was meant to counterbalance his frosty looking lips and Farrah Fawcett hair.

Bo Duke - Now or Never This album features no songs written by Mr. Schneider. You may be wondering, are these songs good? NO. Are these songs bad? NO. Are these songs intensly un-interesting? YES!!! This album is full of lame attempts at heartwarming songs. The title track was also covered by Elvis (I guess lame performers think alike). Unlike Elvis, John actually went on to write some of his own music, so we respect him a little more than Elvis, but that's not saying much.

Bo Peep to Lost Sheep, you boys out there?

However much we hate his music, we do appreciate a good TV show, and we thank him for that.

Our featured song is: Still written by Lionell Ritchie Jr. This is the re-mix version done by The Animated Gifs called Still (all this itchin is makin me scratch mix).

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