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This week's Vinyl Cheese of the Week is a double header featuring the fabulous comedienne, Phyllis Diller. On the left we have, Born To Sing, where Phyllis warbles such age old tunes such as, "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" and "One More For My Baby (One More For the Road)". To your right, we feature the 1961 album Phyllis Diller - Laughs, filled with side splitting humor such as:
"Last night somebody brought a little nine year old boy in here, by the time he left he was thirty eight...and I nearly went with him!"

This is directly from the back cover of Phyllis Diller - Laughs.
First of all, Miss Diller looks funny. (Agreed.) "This isn't hair," she chirps. "They're nerve ends." Her hair is a mass of glossy, dead-white strands that compel the eye and lead it directly to her face. That (malignant) area is dominated by a rubbery mouth whose purpose is two-fold: to twist into a variety of leers, puckers and figure-eights; and to deliver a series of sharply (non) funny comments on life and the people who live it." (Agreed.)
From Born to Sing we bring you, for your listening (dis)pleasure
"(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction".

From Laughs we had such a hard time picking from her range of (non) funny topics such as: Cosmetic Surgery, Old Age, Lipstick and Driving Downtown that rather we chose to bring you a montage of:
" Phyllis laughing like a hyaena."


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