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Bloody Vivaldi by
The Great Kat

For the first time ever, our VinylCheese pick is a CD. I suppose technically it should be PlasticCheese, but that's just semantics.

No, it's not Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, it's The Great Kat, a sexy metal goddess bathed in blood and providing us with pure, 100% unadulterated bastardized classics.

Disco did a lot to destroy people's perception of classical music, but this one takes it one step further. You would think that anyone with an iota of common sense would realize that recording a Speed Metal version of Vivaldi's Four Seasons would be a bad idea. How could that possibly be anything other than fodder for us here at VC? Well, it's worse that anyone could have imagined! The screeching violins make this "piece" sound like a barn dance ho-down on turbocharged super speed.

We here at VinylCheese have made it a new life goal to host an annual hay-romping barn dance. The Great Kat's version of The Four Seasons will be first on the playlist. Stomp yer boots and swing yer blood soaked, S&M clad girl! Yeee-Haaaa!

We have to pose this question; would this even exist if it wasn't done by a scantily clad blood drenched woman? Would Dee Snider get away with slaughtering classical masterpieces? We say NO! His chest wouldn't look anywhere near as good covered in blood.

Last but not least, we have to ponder; would someone who supposedly graduated with honors from Juilliard (the Great Kat) use the word "Splurt" in a lyric? Again, we say no.

If anyone is interested in helping to organize the first annual Hay-Romping VinylCheese Barn Dance, please get in touch with us.

Listen to "Vivaldi's Four Seasons" by The Great Kat



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