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Hot Blood - Disco Dracula

Disco + Dracula + Crazy German guy = Hot Blood. You do the math.

This was an album, "soul-ly" purchased for it's cover (like all albums on VinylCheese). Hey, you can't blame us if we actually ended up liking it can you?

Upon first listen, the soaring string stylings remind one of that chase scene from a C.H.I.P.'s episode (you know the one). But on closer inspection a certain sinister impression is left. Low down dirty grooves to really keep your rump bumpin'. Female back up singers straight off a Disco Tex and the Sexolettes slice and a crazy German guy who sounds suspiciously like the count from Sesame Street singing cryptic titles like: Sex Me, Blackmail, Baby Frankie Stein, Soul Dracula, Terror on the Dance Floor and Even Vampires Fall in Love. Vampires may not have souls but Hot Blood definitely have soul.

Um... excuse me, but your teeth are in my neck.

Here's my question...when vampires feed, why do they always end up covered in blood? When I eat, I don't end up covered in bismarks and Yoo-Hoo©.

And another thing, how could a vampire live in a graveyard when crosses make them cringe and fling their capes over their eyes?

Before listening to this song, be certain to surround your self with plenty of crosses and garlic...remember...even watermelons can become vampires. (It's true, see for yourself)

In all it's bloodsucking glory we bring you...Soul Dracula.




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