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Transendental Sisters of St. Francis.

This weeks featured Cheese O' The Week goes to The Transcendental Sisters of St. Francis
With the voices of 8 year old girls and their heaviest Minne-soda accents (although they're from Colorado) we are dragged through the polka song stylings of Lenny Rich. Maybe the maturity level of their voices indicates some sort of arrested development from growing up Catholic. This is the album that is certain to bring back all of your fondest childhood memories like, nuns smashing your fingers with a ruler and that bad priest who lifted his vestments and exposed his sacred vessels to you in the back of the sacristy...uh...well...uh...hypothetically, of course. Not that it happened, or anything.

So the record includes such barn burner Polkas as: Barn Burner, No Beer in Heaven, Pony Boy and Hey Hey Cavaliers. WOW! With such an array of modern and contemporary Polka favorites, how could anyone deny that these Sisters are truly in touch with the times?

"The happiest recommendation we can make to you, is to roll back the rug and grab a partner because you are in for some happy listening and dancing music."

Without further ado, we bring you "No Beer in Heaven".



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