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Tony Danza's Ass

This album was chosen as a VinylCheese feature strictly for its colorful gatefold cover. Call us sluts for traffic, but we also knew the title of this article would reel in the ladies. We actually have no proof that this picture really is Tony Danza's ass, but from the rest of the pictures on this album, we made an educated guess. One thing we do know for a fact, it is the soundtrack to the 1980 Tony Danza film, The Hollywood Knights. It would be the first major film for him, Michelle Pfieffer and Robert Wuhl.

The second best part of this album is the inside the gatefold, which contains yet another photo of the ass in question, along with the phrase (perhaps this was a tagline for the film),

"At last, a motion picture that moons a man on the land."

With information like that, we don't even need to launch into our usual attack...just take it for what it is worth. Another bad Hollywood drive-in flick featuring the disgruntled youth of the '60s, whose sole form of entertainment was to drop trou and bare their heinies as a shocking statement. Yuck, what a shitty existence. I'll take piercing my lips, ears, eyebrows and nipples, dying my hair unnatural colors and wearing shittily-made, expensive clothes from the Hot Topic and behaving like a poseur, Goth, freak anyday over that.

Anyhow,this album's soundtrack is the usual fare of film representing the early '60s, nothing too freaky, like we normally like to feature, so we have just chosen the Surfari's song, "Wipeout" for the featured clip.

Oh and be sure to click on Tony Danza's ass above, to get a picture of the inside gatefold.



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