Hate Letter from Tee

your-name: Tee
email-address: tee_hawaii@hotmail.com

comments:: So, you think people name their children after people in the bible just to feel better in the eyes of God??? Did you ever think that people might like their children having a name that means something holy or just something to them? Like from a passage that means a lot to them or they just might think the name is pretty! I think someone has some unresolved issues.

Vinylcheese reply: Dearest Tee, we would LOVE for you to expound on just WHOM has the unresolved issues. Here's our suggestion, we've often thought the name Uzziah is a beautiful baby name...and CONVENIENTLY it's from the bible. Why don't you name your first born that? Truth hurts baby.

(How could anyone hate US, really?)

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