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Baby Names from the Bible

So, you got yourself knocked up and you want to make yourself right with God? How about a baby name from the bible?

Ah babies, precious and beautiful little miracles of nature. EVERYBODY LOVES BABIES!! But, what to name yours? How about a cutie pie name like Timmy or Stephy so he/she can be your little dress up doll forever. How about a flavor of the month name like Austin or Kaitlyn. My vote is for a biblical name. The footnote says that some names were simply too awkward to be included so luckily, they've picked out all the good ones for us.

If it's a girl how about Yaffa or Zaza or Zipporah or Theophilia or Bathsheba or my favorite Uzza.

If it's a boy how about Ichabod or Haggai or Obadiah or Azaziah or Enoch or Mordecai or just plain Jesus.

Aren't those BEAUTIFUL?

Yep, there all in there. But wait a minute, there seem to be a few missing! Kane is as good of a name as any. What about Jezebel or Judas or Herod or Azazel or Lucifer. They all have a nice ring. Oh, wait, maybe THOSE are the awkward ones.

Remember, keep having babies, regardless of whether you are mentally, physically or financially capable of properly raising one. Not married, No Problem, it's the 90's, children don't need fathers. They can practically raise themselves nowadays. And overpopulation is just a myth. The more people the better. But, when they turn out to have low self esteem, be severely depressed, be criminally active, breeding at 15 and/or a basic burden on society, it was someone else's fault (probably TV, Movies and Music) because you did everything right.

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