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Chipotle Haikus

We love Chipotle, really we do. And whenever we eat there that unmistakable bloat stays with us all day. They used to allow their fans to submit haikus to their web site. Surprisingly, they refused to take any of ours and shortly after we submitted them, they quit taking submissions. Go figure. They obviously don't know true devotion when it is right in their lap. Here's a sampling of the ditties we wrote to one of our favorite fast food joints.

every day long lines
he chips are always soggy
burritos are great

atmosphere too loud
employees don't know english
not even menu

middle salsa, corn
mild salsa, chopped tomato
hot salsa, too hot

rude email reply
no nutritional info
what do you expect?

my shell is broken
goo on my face and my shirt
burrito is huge

black beans and white rice
no, I do not want sour cream
mmmmm, guacamole

wrapper is empty
burrito was delicious
my stomach is full (or the alternative ending "my gut is bloated")

where is the bathroom?
my eyes, bigger than stomach
I don't feel so good

vegetarian black beans,
rice and lots of cheese
my favorite meal

giant gut buster
mouthing phallic burritos
rewards are to come

taco's very small
quarter sized tortilla
much too expensive

cooked microwave now
burrito from yesterday
it still tastes OK (or instead of OK, "real good")

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