Dawn & Nana's Trip Around The World!

VinylCheese co-founder Dawn Marie and her loyal companion Nana recently decided to take a well deserved vacation. What started out with the best of intentions, soon escalated into a debacle of epic proportions that has forever tarnished the good name of American travelers. Sure, they saw all the sites, but did they appreciate them? The photos show nothing more than a sinisterly happy booze-hound, drunk on gin and red paint fumes, and an emotionally tortured bitch in need of an anger management class just looking for a throat to tear out.

Since the series of embarrassing and unholy events, that we cannot go into for legal reasons, the two travelers have been returned to the United States following intense negotiations between the US Justice Department and the understanding Governments of several smaller European countries.

What follows is the visual documents of the journey.


Australian Outback

Beijing China

Moroccan Desert

Grand Canyon

Rocky Mountains

Pyramids of Cairo Egypt

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