Love Letter from Macc


Correcting your "research" Jayne Mansfield wore her own real jewellery on cover,the large ring in particular caused riot when it was missing from her body at scene of fatal accident,it was later found as was $40,000.00 diamond bracelet that was in the carbuerator.Mansfields' expertise with gemology was second only to Elizabeth Taylor.Out of respect for Jaynes' five children alot of people have stopped giving her credit for ANY trashy behaviour or look in Hollywood.You might remember when a drunken John Lennon(who had a sanitary napkin on his head) asked a waitress"Don't cha know who I am?"She said"You are some ASSHOLE with a Kotex on his head!"I think THAT is pretty trashy/cheesy? Thanks Y'all...........

VinylCheese reply: Hmm, I guess the moral of the story is...trashy is as trashy does. Or maybe it is, trash of a feather flock together?

(How could anyone hate US, really?)

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