Love Letter from Nick

From: (Nick Oxner)

Hey man, just got a big kick out of this past cheese.

#1: Some background on Thor: Thor was a Canadian. His real name wa Jon Mikl Thor. He was a two-time Mr Canada, and one time Mr North America. His stage show included bending metal bars, exploding hot water bottles, and this deal he did where he would hold the lead guitarist over his head with one hand during guitar solos. It should also be noted that he did NOT do all this with a straight face. He was a cartoon, and he knew it.

#2: How can I acquire this beautiful piece of Canadian history from you?

VinylCheese reply: Dearest Nick, we love Thor too, so we're not exactly sure that we can part with this lovely picture disc. But, feel free to come back and visit our site again!

(How could anyone hate US, really?)

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